Slave Play

With its Broadway opening on 6 October 2019, Slave Play entered a new echelon of groundbreaking, successful theatrical works and amplified the invigorating voice of playwright Jeremy O Harris. Not only daring, but deeply important, the three-act play—which centers around three interracial couples undergoing sexual therapy—challenges viewers. Reading the written text, now published by the Theatre Communications Group, only brings one closer to Harris’ words.

Interview: Broadway Roulette Founder Elizabeth Durand Streisand

An inexpensive new way to access theater tickets for some of NYC's biggest shows

Broadway and the magnificent shows that are performed there represent a comfortable, established industry. Suffice to say, there’s little innovation executed off the stage because people continue to pay severely steep prices, hustle last minute or wait in long lines. Defying this is Broadway Roulette—a tech-enabled consumer-facing company (which happens to be developing further in a Morgan Stanley technology incubator) that’s disrupting current statistics. Some …

How an Abandoned Rat Made it to Broadway

Last summer, a few abandoned albino rats (the kind people keep as pets) took up residence in a median strip on NYC’s West 57th street. They rapidly began to multiply, alarming both the city health department and a tight community of rat rescuers. One of those rats, named Rose, was adopted by Lydia DesRoche, who happened to be the animal trainer for the Broadway play, …