Chess Set

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos eschews traditional chess pieces for unconventional and otherworldly figures in her handmade chess set. Featuring dyed clay pieces and a board with hand-painted gradient details as well as ebru marbling, this set acts as both unique decor and a fun take on a classic game.

Scone Cash Players: Brooklyn to Brooklin

A dizzying, funk-filled voyage from the NYC borough to the similarly spelled São Paulo neighborhood, the soulful single “Brooklyn to Brooklin” is the latest from Miami-based act Scone Cash Players (led by the legendary Adam Scone). The psychedelic-tinged track will appear on an album of the same name, out 9 September on Daptone Records.

NYC’s the Real Mother Shuckers Honors the Legacy of Black Oystermen

Moody (aka 37-year-old Ben Harney Jr) founded Brooklyn’s only oyster cart, the Real Mother Shuckers, in 2019 as a way to return oysters to their former ubiquity. Although most people associate the shellfish with upscale dining, oysters used to be widespread in New York during the 1800s, from street stalls selling oyster snacks to raw bars in the basements of buildings. Many of these oyster …