Interview: Artist Josh Smith On His Process and The Large-Scale Abstractions in “Keyhole”

Understanding the artist's latest work from his Bushwick studio to Xavier Hufkens gallery in Brussels

Recently on view at Xavier Hufkens gallery in Brussels, Josh Smith’s Keyhole comprised a new collection of large-scale, colorful abstract paintings and figurative monotypes. One of the best-known contemporary painters of his generation, Smith has walked the line of representational art, text-based painting and abstraction. The artist divides his time between New York and Tennessee, and has a massive studio in NYC’s Bushwick, where he …

Brooklyn’s BKE Kombucha Blends Healthcare, Heritage + Honesty

These delicate brews reflect the story of two frontline workers with a passion for fermentation

Biting into a sweet, juicy mango on a hot day in India—that’s the feeling that drinking BKE Kombucha’s mango version evokes, even for those who didn’t grow up spending their summers in Asia. But for Dr Saleena Subaiya, co-founder of BKE, nostalgic memories like these helped craft the flavor profiles of her and Dr Lawrence Purpura’s delicate brew. Together, the business (and life) partners bottle …

NYC Basketball Shirt

Acclaimed Bushwick pizza shop Roberta’s offers a wide range of fun, creative merchandise, including their NYC Basketball shirt. This top riffs off of the New York Knicks; swapping the team’s name for Roberta’s and replacing the basketball with a pizza. The shirt perfectly blends two New York staples together, playfully celebrating the spirit of the city.