Nikon’s New Z Series Camera System

After much speculation and uncertainty, Nikon has released its Z Mount System of mirrorless cameras and dedicated lenses with two cameras, three lenses and one lens adapter. The anchor of the release is Nikon’s flagship mirrorless camera, the Z7, which will feature what Nikon deems “revolutionary” autofocus given there are focal points across the entire sensor. For existing Nikon photographers the crux of the Z-Series’s …

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Camera Lovers

From lenses to 360-degree devices and all sorts of photo accessories for the snapper in your life

By Greg Mitnick The world of photography moves fast, especially when everyone is equipped with a camera on their smartphone. These technological advances—to cameras themselves, as well as accessories and gear—have made the craft even more fun while broadening the capabilities for professionals and novices alike. Below we’ve highlighted some of the new photographic tools we’ve included in our Camera Lovers gift guide, found in …

Moment Mobile Lenses

Two effective ways for phone photographers to enhance their images

As the phone continues to become the most widely used camera in the Western world, we’ve seen everything from moldable tripods and clever lens adaptors to the comical monopod