Moment Mobile Lenses

Two effective ways for phone photographers to enhance their images

Moment-2-lenses.jpg Moment_lens.jpg

As the phone continues to become the most widely used camera in the Western world, we’ve seen everything from moldable tripods and clever lens adaptors to the comical monopod selfie-assister. Though the most notable accessory for phone photography right now comes from Moment, a new clip-on lens company launching today on Kickstarter. Moment plans to offer a wide-angle lens for capturing surroundings without cropping, and a 70mm equivalent telephoto lens ideal for close up portraits and far off subjects—eliminating the risk of relying on dreadful digital zoom. The glass in both lenses is purpose-built, promising the best possible optic quality. The case-compatible lenses mount with a two piece metal ring and bayonet system which is hardly noticeable on your phone when the lenses aren’t in use. And, on top of function, each lens barrel is machined in aluminum for a sleek finish that melds especially well with the iPhone.

With two models in their quiver already, the young brand seems poised to make an impact on the way we use our phone cameras. Visit the Moment campaign on Kickstarter to support the project and ensure you’re one of the first to receive the handy new lenses.

Images courtesy of Moment