Nikon’s New Z Series Camera System

After much speculation and uncertainty, Nikon has released its Z Mount System of mirrorless cameras and dedicated lenses with two cameras, three lenses and one lens adapter. The anchor of the release is Nikon’s flagship mirrorless camera, the Z7, which will feature what Nikon deems “revolutionary” autofocus given there are focal points across the entire sensor. For existing Nikon photographers the crux of the Z-Series’s potential lies in the F-to-Z adapter which supports virtually every lens Nikon has made to date, in turn lowering the barrier to entry for this new system. The ultra-high resolution Z7 ($3,400) hits stores 27 September and the lower res Z6 ($1,996) coming in late November. The adjacent lenses and adapters ($250-$1,000) will first hit stores on 27 September, with the final installation coming in late October. Read the detailed specs at PetaPixel.

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