Good Day Tincture

Providing a sense of calm clarity, Prismatic Plants’ Good Day tincture combines adaptogens with cannabidiol to combat stress and anxiety. Eucalyptol improves brain function and alertness, while various other essential oils and terpenes provide benefits from improved focus to elevated moods. Prismatic Plants also donates proceeds to various initiatives including The Hood Incubator, Women’s Voices and the Weil Foundation.

Flora Nero’s High Design Elevates Cannabis-Centric Homewares

This LA-based brand aims to create products that needn't be hidden away

Founded by Anna and Eli Peer, LA-based design house Flora Nero creates luxuriously crafted wares that center on cannabis, but it’s not a cannabis brand. While that might sound like an oxymoron, it makes perfect sense when understanding the Peers’ relationship: they are married, they cohabitate, and one of them consumes marijuana daily while the other never partakes. For the two high-design enthusiasts sharing a …

Deep Sleep Delights

Working with local and sustainably grown produce, Rose crafts flower rosin products that merge culinary culture and farming. For the Deep Sleep formula, the LA-based company creates CBD-infused Turkish Delight-style treats that are powered by their house-made flower rosin, grown on their regenerative farm. The formula (which contains 10mg of CBD) utilizes the flower at its fullest expression of flavor and terpenes, infusing it with …