Kevin Hviid + GANNI’s Rainbow-Colored Swinging Chair

Named “Iris,” the new collaboration between furniture designer Kevin Hviid and GANNI is a three-meter tall swinging chair that has been created to encourage interaction between strangers in parks and public spaces. With some 600 multi-colored nylon bands (each manually installed) the chair is mostly made up of reds, pinks, orange and blue. It can fit up to four people. See more at designboom.

Beijing Design Week: Jeff Dayu Shi’s “Yin Xian” Bamboo Collection

Reviving a Chinese tradition while adding a contemporary twist

by Alessandro de Toni Since 2009 Beijing Design Week has been a platform to spread design culture into a country whose aesthetics have been long trapped between faded echoes of past glories and mass-produced kitsch. While the discussion about a Chinese Renaissance, and how to revive traditions, takes place on TV, the path to shaping a contemporary Chinese style isn’t easy, as a fast-paced cash-hungry …