Upstate to Aska: Fredrik Berselius on Foraging Fresh Ingredients

We speak with the chef about approaching wild ingredients through a Scandinavian lens

For Swedish-born chef Fredrik Berselius, a two or three hour drive north of NYC offers a landscape that’s similar to that of his homeland. Whether it be sorrel, bronze fennel and yarrow (which grow at North Brooklyn Farms) or birch bark, garlic mustard, pineapple weed and watercress (which sprout in the Catskills), there are a lot of the same produce and plants too. In fact, …

Dining at Guadalajara’s New Restaurant, Xokol

Inspired by the tradition and conservation of Latin corn

“When you arrive at home, if they’re making tortillas it is tradition to offer one to tell you, ‘You’re welcome here.'”

Robot Chefs at Boston’s Spyce Restaurant

Billed as the world’s first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen that cooks complex, customizable meals, Boston’s Spyce utilizes seven automated cooking pots in place of chefs. These devices can deliver complicated, primarily vegetarian, meals in roughly three minutes. The system was developed by MIT robotics engineers, including restaurant co-founder Michael Farid. His partner happens to be Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud. It’s worth noting that Spyce …