Fur Slip-Ons

Unconventional fashion and footwear designer Mihara Yasuhiro takes the familiar silhouette of the slip-on and turns it on its head with the introduction of striking faux fur. Available in beige, black or brown, the shoes are emblematic of the irregular, bold and unequivocally unique style that garnered the Japanese designer his cult following.

Nico Fontana “Tasting Gay” Long-Sleeve Shirt

From the beloved queer-run Hudson Valley restaurant Lil’ Deb’s Oasis  comes merch made in collaboration with artist Nico Fontana. The “Tasting Gay” shirt, a long-sleeve garment that’s available in black or amethyst, is a whimsical celebration of the equally enchanting establishment. In wriggly font, the words “Tasting Good” adorn one sleeve while “Tasting Gay” runs across the other. The back of the shirt features a …

Waved Swim Shorts

Pieter “Parra” Janssen’s colorful curves and post-pop imagery translate to multicolored apparel and, even more fittingly, swim shorts from the Dutch artist’s own clothing brand, By Parra. These 100% nylon trunks feature a soft mesh inner, rear pockets with closures, patch panels and, of course, Parra’s signature waves.