Ensamble Mezcal

Made just outside San Dionisio, Oaxaca from a blend of two different types of agave—Espadin and Cuishe—Madre’s Ensamble mezcal is crafted using the traditional Zapotec technique. A little smoky, this mezcal contains herbal notes and a mineral-forward flavor. Sip it neat or use it in a mezcal margarita or negroni.

Inside Barcelona’s Spectacular “World’s 50 Best Bars” 2022 Celebration

The Spanish city not only hosts the festivities, but its high-design cocktail haven Paradiso takes the top spot

Upon the pronouncement that Paradiso—Barcelona‘s wildly imaginative and unexpectedly cozy cocktail bar hidden behind a pastrami shop—took the top spot at this year’s World’s 50 Best Bars, a tidal wave of headlines narrowed in on the news. And yet, this highly deserved honor was only one of many milestone moments from an event that’s become a beacon for bar-goers worldwide. Paradiso is more than worthy …

Word of Mouth: Andalusia, Spain

Take a culinary road trip around this charming region

Anchored by the towns of Seville and Granada, Andalusia extends along Spain’s southern coast and is defined by two historically significant delicacies: sherry and jamón ibérico de bellota, ham from free-range pigs that feed on acorns in the surrounding UNESCO-protected forests. Once you’ve checked off the gateway cities’ main sights like the Alcázar castle and Alhambra palace, embark on a food-fueled road trip through the …