Microcars at the Jesada Technik Museum

Southeast Asia's largest collection of microcars

While traveling through Thailand, we discovered the Jesada Technik Museum in a small town outside of Bangkok. Home to over 500 vehicles including double-decker buses, airplanes, helicopters and scooters, the museum’s most unique attraction is the vast collection of microcars. Also known as “bubble cars,” these refrigerator-sized automobiles were built small due to limitations in materials and resources in Europe following World War II. The …

Interview: Mark Galbraith on Nau SS15

Ten years on, a look at Nau’s most innovative collection yet


With a decade of production under their belt, Portland-based apparel brand Nau is still aiming for the standards it set back in 2005. Nau started with a vision for products that were sustainable and luxurious, outdoor-ready and modern, utilitarian and sleek and socially conscious (the brand donates two percent of profits as part of their Partners for Change program). These were the “core ideologies,” which …

Magnificent Objects: The Artist as Collector

Inside the collections of famed creators, from Damien Hirst to Hiroshi Sugimoto

The latest exhibition at London art gallery and cultural center Barbican takes a deeper look at the fascination with collecting items (be it art, postcards, cookie jars or taxidermied animals) that unites a number of post-war and contemporary artists. Visually striking, the exhibition reads as insight into the minds that have created some of the most remarkable contemporary art. In many cases, seeing their collections …