700 Nimes Road: An “Indirect Portrait” of Elizabeth Taylor

Photos of the icon's possessions and home are the result of an intimate documentary project

Including 129 full-color photographs by fine artist Catherine Opie, “700 Nimes Road” is a thoughtful, yet poignant exploration of Elizabeth Taylor’s home (her “private sanctuary”) and possessions at her Bel Air, Los Angeles address. While the concept—photographing a celebrity’s belongings—might seem voyeuristic at first, Opie approaches creating an intimate portrait of the Hollywood icon in a tender way. The project began after attaining Taylor’s approval, …

Magnificent Objects: The Artist as Collector

Inside the collections of famed creators, from Damien Hirst to Hiroshi Sugimoto

The latest exhibition at London art gallery and cultural center Barbican takes a deeper look at the fascination with collecting items (be it art, postcards, cookie jars or taxidermied animals) that unites a number of post-war and contemporary artists. Visually striking, the exhibition reads as insight into the minds that have created some of the most remarkable contemporary art. In many cases, seeing their collections …

Do Not Sell At Any Price

Music journalist Amanda Petrusich digs into the world of collecting the shellacked, 10-inch obscurities in her book, “Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World’s Rarest 78rpm Records.” Her in-depth but personal tome takes a look at the fanatic subculture of collecting 78s, the music’s historical significance and the characters mostly unwilling to part with their beloved treasures.