Union Wood Co.

Found objects and custom pieces with a vintage industrial aesthetic fill a Vancouver storefront

UnionWood4a.jpg UnionWood4b.jpg

Inspired by the nostalgia of old wooden docks, mills and factories that once thrived in Vancouver, Union Wood Co.‘s recently opened shop in the city’s developing Downtown-Eastside community is a haven for those who covet vintage, repurposed and industrial objects.

After a stint working as a garbage collector, Union Wood Co. founder Craig Pearce discovered his love for things that other people discarded. “I would only buy used clothes. I started collecting things I would find in alleys. I started making things out of old wood. I didn’t like anything to be new.” What started off as a few pieces for friends quickly turned into a series of contracts to make things for those beyond his social circle. By 2009 Pearce had created a full-fledged business, which recently expanded into a storefront as well.


The shop not only acts as a source for found objects and antiques, but also produces its own line of products and furniture. On a recent visit we fell for the shop aprons made from rigid denim, hand-cut leather straps and vintage brass hardware. The hammered brass rivets and bolts make the straps easily removable, allowing the aprons to be washed when needed. The online shop also currently features handsome vintage treasures like a collection of one-off Victory Cups you can get engraved and an aged brass marine spotlight.


Using wood reclaimed from salvage yards and demolition sites, Union Wood Co. also creates furniture pieces that are solid, bold and one-of-a-kind. The company also works directly with clients to produce custom pieces.

Head over to the Union Wood shop to see their current stock, or contact sales[at]unionwoodco[dot]com for custom inquiries.