The Interior Life

Artist and author Michelle Kwon’s pocket-sized paperback collection of comics, The Interior Life, (released in 2018 by independent California-based publisher Tiny Splendor) assembles personal moments of introspection and humor. It’s thoughtful, endearing and offers a fresh perspective from start to finish. With a cat factoring heavily into the narrative, feline fans should enjoy this, as well.

Online Tools for Making Comics

J.D. Biersdorfer provides plenty of resources for making your own comic strips—from online tools and downloadable applications to guides for putting pen or paint to paper. “Got a tale to tell but don’t want to bang it out as a traditional book? Try doing it as a digital comic—and ignore anyone who thinks visual narratives are a lesser art form or basic fodder for Hollywood …

LOOT Comic Book Store Turned Kids’ Drawings Into Action Figures

The Brooklyn retailer and workshop encourages young readers to create as much as they consume

Brooklyn‘s LOOT operates differently than most comic book stores: a $30 monthly subscription provides customers with unlimited access to the club and its comic collection, as well as the opportunity to take books out one at a time. For those who don’t frequent the brick and mortar store, comics are available for $5 online. LOOT founder Joseph Einhorn’s mission is simple: to give kids access …