Five Four + Marvel Collection

A classic collection of menswear, with subtle hints of superhero


Some comic book apparel can end up juvenile, but the new Five Four collaboration with Marvel is anything but. In celebration of the impending release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Five Four subscription menswear service finds subtlety in the generally loud graphic medium by using Marvel’s famous roster of superheroes to inspire its April capsule.


Avoiding predictable splashy logos or action team silkscreens, Five Four takes tips from the Avengers and puts it in the details—sleeves on a chambray shirt are harnessed by straps bearing Captain America’s iconic red, white and blue; while hidden pockets in a blazer tip a hat toward Tony’ Stark’s affinity for gadget-friendly apparel. It’s a clever wink at nerd culture in an otherwise classic collection of dress shirts, outerwear and T-shirts.


Five Four’s designers certainly did their homework, digging through Marvel’s massive archives before hitting the drawing board. According to Five Four founder and CEO Andres Izquieta, it was a very interactive process. “We would put a blazer on and ask, ‘OK, where would Tony Stark stash a grenade or something?’ Then we would circle the area with chalk and put it to work,” Izquieta tells CH. It was a unique opportunity, Izquieta says, to try on the personalities of each of the Avengers and figure out who they are when not in costume.


Like all of Five Four’s apparel, the Marvel collection is a members-only exclusive that will only be available to monthly subscribers. Any subscribers joining on 1 April will automatically receive two pieces from the action-inspired line, while Five Four’s existing members will be able to shop the collection online a la carte.

Five Four + Marvel collection launches today. Subscriptions for the menswear club starts at $60, with new items chosen based on a member style profile.

Thumb courtesy of Five Four; all other images by Gabriella Garcia