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Animals That Love Touchscreens

“Orangutans at the Miami Zoo are already using tablets to give their keepers dinner suggestions,” explains a new report by Atlas Obscura. We’ve long observed or heard about cats’ reactions to iPad …

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Google Domains is Google’s New Domain

Google’s new domain registration service is now open to the public after several months of beta testing. The new Google Domains platform goes into direct competition with services like GoDaddy, but offers …

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Real-Time Photorealism

In the world of architectural visualization and animation, achieving real-time rendering while maintaining photorealism has long been a grail-worthy task. In a new animation created with the program Unreal Engine 4, Lasse …

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Web Design History in 9 GIFs

Evolving just as rapidly as the internet itself, web design has undergone numerous transformations ever since its earliest frameworks. From Flash to CSS to Javascript and beyond, it’s difficult for those who …

Keys To Go Portable Keyboard


Regardless of how fast any phone or tablet user can type on a touchscreen, there’s nothing like a full keyboard. This slender, portable set—available in a variety of colors—wirelessly pairs with anything …