Plastic Logic Reader

Still one year out of consumer reach, the Plastic Logic reader is already being touted by some sources as the Kindle killer. At this week's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York, I had a chance to see the reader prototype in action and get my hands on one, albeit briefly. With a form factor equivalent to that of a legal-size pad of …

Ice Rocks

Ice Rocks are prepackaged, ready-to-freeze individual ice cubes made from French spring water. Geared primarily toward the (upscale) tourism market, they assure worried travelers that the ice is safe to use. Scotch Rocks, a version marketed to bars and whisky drinkers, and Kid Rocks, cubes made from fruit juice, are also in the works.

Fructodent Toothpaste

More exotic flavored toothpaste hits the shelves with Fructodent's recent arrival at CVS, Walgreens and Albertson's. This Italian import comes in ten flavors (including Green Apple, Orange and Lemon, Mint and Chocolate, Mint and Strawberry, Eucalyptus, Aniseed and Licorice, Lemon and Sage, and Vanilla) and has a funky, flexible plastic bottle that feeds the toothpaste out of the bottom. The various flavors include Vitamin C …

Four Way Rubber Bands

Scottsdale, AZ based Flying Buffalo makes these 4-way rubber bands, called Box Bands, specifically to hold board game boxes together. Clearly they'd be great for stacks of paper, books or anything else you'd otherwise wrap with twine or multiple rubber bands. They're available in 4, 8 or 10 inch sizes for $5 per pack. You can buy them directly from Flying Buffalo.

The Lamy Scribble

A friend came back from Europe last year toting this Lamy "propelling pencil" and has been addicted to its refined, ergonomic design ever since. A spring-loaded claw grips a 3.15 mm thick lead (also available in a 0.7mm diameters) that produces a smooth, satisfying line and makes the pocket-sized pencil perfect for jotting notes and quick sketches. Well-balanced with a pleasant weight, the Scribble is …