TiO2 Paint

Tio2 Interior Spray

Last year the BBC reviewed a new glass coating that is self cleaning and anti-bacterial. Made from Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), the surface reacts with light to do its job.

Two product extensions are now available from Japan– TiO2 paint and household spray. They basically work the same way, reacting to sunlight, but are used to create more sterile interior spaces. As explained by Dr. Kevin Sanderson, one of the developers of the original glass coating:

It [TiO2] absorbs sunlight – ultraviolet radiation – which causes what is called a photocatalytic effect. Through this process, the coating reacts with light which then breaks down organic dirt.

These new products, named Kukai, are available for purchase at tio2paint.com where there's more information available about how they work.