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From a brand ever-obsessed with celebrity consumption (and self-consumption), comes a line of luxury products "for the man who has absolutely everything." Ju$t Another Rich Kid has teamed up with super-conceptual designer Tobias Wong to create "Indulgences," the most expensive form of social commentary we've seen in ages.

Dipped in 18 karat gold, these everyday objects are meant to "address the creation of and demand for the unnecessary, directly commenting on the expanding market of luxury items in our culture. " Self-referential jabs at cultural excess aside, some of them are damn desirable. Our favorites include the 10 lb. dumbbell set, the mini-racer remote-controlled car and the gold-cast Bic pen cap. And if we scrape up the savings to afford these beauties, worry not: the irony won't be lost on us. It's just that with products this gluttonous, we may simply choose to ignore it.


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