Serving Friends Utensils

Brooklyn-based designer Selena Liu merges humor and child-like joy with functional objects, and her Serving Friends utensils are no exception. Coming in three playful styles—flowers, hands and wavy—these wooden spoons bring whimsy to the dining table.

Cook Smarter with Range Oven Intelligence

Connect your kitchen to your smartphone for peace of mind and better culinary results

Cooking for friends and family is one of life’s simple pleasures, but the process itself isn’t always simple. Ovens overheat, temperature gauges in old appliances lie and there’s always that nagging suspicion something’s been left on. The team at Austin-based smart-home innovators Supermechanical presents a solution to these cooking woes with the Range Oven Intelligence system. Building on the success and insights gained from their …

BBQ Season Essentials

Improve your next yard party with a pyro's dream lighter, designer croquet set and more

Stateside, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer. Elsewhere, the weather does the deciding. Either way, in most of the Northern Hemisphere the mercury is steadily rising and barbecue weather is finally here. To celebrate the first few warm days of the season, we selected eight items that are sure to improve any backyard, front yard or rooftop situation. So crank up the tunes …