BBQ Season Essentials

Improve your next yard party with a pyro's dream lighter, designer croquet set and more

Stateside, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer. Elsewhere, the weather does the deciding. Either way, in most of the Northern Hemisphere the mercury is steadily rising and barbecue weather is finally here. To celebrate the first few warm days of the season, we selected eight items that are sure to improve any backyard, front yard or rooftop situation. So crank up the tunes and cook out.

BBQ-Coleman-1.jpg BBQ-Bison-2.jpg
Coleman Portable Grill

There’s no better time to hit the road than a long summer weekend. So whether you’re poised for a Chevy Chase-style road trip or just a jaunt across town, the portable Party Grill from Coleman is a real asset. Though small and propane-fueled, the modest grill is still plenty big to feed a group of restless travelers.

Bison Airlighter

If you’re more of a traditional yard-based BBQ kind of chef—or a certified pyro—the new Bison Airlighter is sure to be an advantage. The clean, on-command four-inch flame burns at a temperature capable of instantly igniting charcoal and wood, then delivers a stream of air to spread the fire evenly throughout the pile and get your grill to cook-ready temperatures in roughly five minutes.

BBQ_Croquet-3.jpg BBQ-Tanner-Goods-Chair-4.jpg
Adrien Rovero Croquet Set

Developed by industrial designer Adrien Rovero as an edition for Moyard for the 2014 Wallpaper Handmade exhibition in Milan and NYC, the attractive One More Croquet set would surely be a great addition to any yard party. Made of solid wood and highlighted with a refined splash of color, the sophisticated set elevates the already fun game to a whole new level of prestige.

Tanner Goods Nokori Folding Chair

Made of rich, hand-rubbed mahogany and heavy 13oz English Bridle leather, the Nokori Folding Chair from Portland’s Tanner Goods may very well be the most handsome piece of folding furniture we’ve seen. The casual aesthetic and simple, sling-style seat and backrest allow the chair to conform to your body and blend in with any environment, making it an ideal place to plunk down and enjoy a couple cold ones.

BBQ-Alessi-Cheese-set-5.jpg BBQ-Patrick_Kim_Dinner_Triangle-6.jpg
Alessi Cheese Cutlery Set

Just because you’re in the outdoors doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and design when hosting a barbecue, which is why the La Via Lattea cheese cutlery set from famed Italian homeware-maker Alessi is a solid option for the season to come. Each blade is made in Florence, Italy’s center of knife-making, Scarperia, and features the initials of the craftsman who made it. The selection of knives allows you to use the proper cutlery for each particular type of cheese, matching the utensil to the food’s density and texture.

Patrick Kim Triangle Dinner Bell

A staple of days gone by, the triangle bell will always be more fun than a mass text for telling your guests that a meal is served. Designed by Patrick Kim, the hand-bent steel bell can be suspended by an English Bridle leather loop and struck with its accompanying solid brass rod. Plus it can also be used as a musical instrument for late-night impromptu jam sessions.

BBQ-Knife-8.jpg BBQ-Blanket-7.jpg
Svord Peasant Knife

You’ll never know just how handy a pocket knife can be until you commit to carrying one. From opening food packaging to cutting cooked meats, a proper folding knife can be a great resource. Svord’s Peasant Knife is made in New Zealand of high carbon steel and based on models used in Bavaria some 400 years ago. The refined design leaves no room for unnecessary bells or whistles, yet can still be opened with one hand.

Faribault Wool Throw

A sturdy blanket is one of those essentials that’s easy to forget, but always a shame when you do. For its sheer utility and subdued design, the American-made Box Weave Wool Throw from Faribault is particularly appealing. The 149-year-old woolen mill selects a pure merino wool for this piece, giving it a particularly soft texture that’s ideal as a seat during afternoon picnics and a cozy wrap on chilly evenings.

Images courtesy of their respective brands