Cook Smarter with Range Oven Intelligence

Connect your kitchen to your smartphone for peace of mind and better culinary results


Cooking for friends and family is one of life’s simple pleasures, but the process itself isn’t always simple. Ovens overheat, temperature gauges in old appliances lie and there’s always that nagging suspicion something’s been left on. The team at Austin-based smart-home innovators Supermechanical presents a solution to these cooking woes with the Range Oven Intelligence system. Building on the success and insights gained from their smart thermometer we saw last fall, principal designer John Kestner and his team now allow your oven or grill to communicate all the information needed directly to your smartphone. Set reminders, predict cooking times and save cooking graphs for future meals. Plus, the high-grade thermometer gives more accurate temperature readings than those found on most ovens.

Connect your kitchen for a stress-free cooking experience with better culinary results to match. Currently funding on Kickstarter, reserve your own Range Oven Intelligence hardware for just $98.

Image courtesy of Supermechanical