Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Culinary Culture

From cookbooks to candy, saucepans, syrups and snacks, something to please every palate

There are few things as special as preparing and sharing a magical meal with those you love—and many important items and ingredients go into making these memories. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a natural wine enthusiast, whisky expert, talented chef, aspiring cook or someone who simply loves to discover new flavors, our Culinary Culture gift guide brims with new ideas. From cookbooks to …


The Sporkful’s original pasta design, called Cascatelli and produced by Sfoglini, delivers perfectly on forkability, sausability and toothability. This four-pack of Cascatelli can be divided up between family and friends—or kept for yourself.

Kkini Bowl + Chopsticks Set

Modeled after traditional Korean Dolsot bowls used for bibimbap, this set—comprised of a stoneware bowl, bamboo lid and chopsticks—is designed to recall the joy of home. When using it, lifting the lid from the heat-storing bowl reveals a cloud of steam, a moment that Hong Kong-founded homeware brand JIA Inc crafted to invoke memories of sitting down for a home-cooked dinner. While minimalist in aesthetic …