Soft 18 Cooler

Snow Peak’s soft, PVC-coated cooler brings a quiet sophistication to outdoor gear. Its neutral color palette and minimalist aesthetic combine with adjustable straps and an insulated rubber lining to make for a design- and function-forward cooler. With a 4.75-gallon capacity, it’s also easily transportable.

Cameron Woven Cooler Bag

Available with black or red straps, L*Space’s Cameron Cooler Bag appears from the outside like a woven straw tote, but the interior is insulated, complete with a removable interior liner. The bag features a wide top opening and a flat bottom, both useful when stacking and carting drinks and snacks that could spill or leak. Additionally, the liner can be easily wiped clean.

Innovative Kitchen Accessories and Appliances at CES 2020

Gadgets and gizmos that chill, chop, measure, steam and more

Among the virtual assistants, 3D printers, sex-tech and futuristic modes of mobility at CES 2020, kitchen accessories and appliances stand out for their innocuous nature. At the Vegas event, larger companies showcase refrigerators, stoves, and sinks; and many smaller companies preview smart devices created to replace traditional iterations. Rather than inspire awe with their obscure designs or complex algorithms, the culinary innovations on the show …