Gift Guide: Summer Adventure Essentials

Be prepared for the seasons picnics, beach trips, bike rides and more

As the days get longer and nights stay warmer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), the appeal of spending time by the beach, at the pool, in the park or even the backyard or rooftop grows. While there’s something to be said for a spontaneous trip, being prepared never hurts. From a reclining chair to keep you a couple of inches off the hot sand to bike bags, water bottles, a joint-carrying cap and a cooler in the form of a backpack, here are some of our summer adventure essentials.

Bike Bag

Made in Colorado from 1000D Cordura and 400D nylon, this Topo Designs bike bag ($49) is made to be strapped to your handlebars, but doubles as a mini tote. Weatherproof all the way down to its waterproof zipper, the nifty triangle-shaped bag will hold bike tools, as well as a couple small items. With a secret interior pocket and daisy-chain webbing on the outside (which makes attaching a light easy), it even has a padded base to keep your possessions safer.

Silicon Wrap Bottle

Crafted from borosilicate glass, this Closca bottle ($50) is an eco-friendly water vessel you can wear. Thanks to its proprietary secure “FidLock” system, a silicone wrap exterior can be latched onto a bike, stroller, bag, and more. The BPA-free bottle comes with an infuser for those who want to flavor their water, and also offers dual openings (at the lip and the base) for easy washing. Further, the Closca Water App offers information on closest fill-up stations so users can avoid single-use plastic at all times.

Silver Rolled Smoke Keychain

Made for keeping your pre-rolled joints fresh and tidy (as well as discreet) this unassuming silver keychain ($20) is essentially a lidded, hollow tube. With a gold tip, and measuring just over three inches long, it’s a sophisticated accessory for on-the-move tokers and subtle enough to keep prying eyes to a minimum.

Picnic Blanket and Carrier

Equipped with a detachable faux leather handle for easy carrying, this striped picnic blanket (£13) measures out to an extra-large 147 by 180cm. Made from polyester, it has a soft, fleecy feel—but is also durable. Plus, with a waterproof PEVA backing, it protects everybody seated from dampness. Price is in Pounds.

Bug + Bite Insect Spray

With warmer weather, mosquitoes and other insects begin their annual annoyance, but Apothecanna’s natural spray ($26) tackles it two-fold, as it both repels bugs and relieves the itching associated with bites. Made with citronella (which is a repellent and antiseptic), eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint oils, the potion also smells lovely (citrusy and woodsy), unlike most insect repellents on the market. Best yet, it can be sprayed all over—from face to feet—and it won’t stain clothes.

Beach Tennis Set

Made from Baltic birch and cork, Fredericks and Mae’s beach tennis set ($140) includes everything you need to get your game going: two rackets, a cork ball and a cotton drawstring bag to carry it all. Make up your own rules, or follow the official instructions for the game (aka Kadima, Matkot and Frescoball) whether on the beach, park or backyard.

Folding Beach Chair

Crafted from wood and wicker, Wild In Bloom’s folding, reclining beach chair ($144) is as functional as it is stylish. Adjustable (from upright to laying flat), the floor-style seat means that whether you’re at a picnic or on the beach, sitting on the chair won’t mean you’re towering above everybody else. It collapses flat and is easily carried using the attached canvas strap—and at 11 pounds, it’s not too heavy.

Cooler Backpack

United By Blue and Barebones join forces for a bag that meets all your cooler needs: up to 20 cans. With a shape reminiscent of an icebox, the cooler bag ($98) can keep contents cold for 48 hours—even longer than most insulated thermoses or growlers. The wide-mouth (which hangs over the sides of the backpack) allows the opening to expand when unzipped. As such, you could carry two—one for ice and one for cans—and then combine as needed. Moreover, the backpack design makes it even more practical than most coolers out there.

Reusable Food Wraps

Handmade from organic cotton, Etee’s reusable food wraps are sustainable and compostable alternatives to plastic and paper bags. Available in sets of three ($17), these medium-sized wraps “activate” and become tacky with the warmth of your hands, and can be used for fruits, nuts, and sandwiches—anything. Each one offers some 120+ uses and they can be composted when they’re no longer adhesive.

Honor Roller Cap

Sundae School’s “Honor Roller” cap ($42) is more than a 420-friendly slogan. The hat also features a loop on the right-hand side that’s just big enough to hold a joint—or anything joint-shaped. Equal parts silly and practical, this cap is made for summer adventures.

NanoDry Towel

The NanoDry towel ($35) is super-packable, despite measuring 120 by 60cm, and comes in a travel case attached to a carabiner—so it can be hooked to your bag, bike, or even keys. Light and ultra-absorbent (sucking up 2.3 times its weight), its antimicrobial coating works against mold and mildew. Available in four colorways, thanks to its packability, this towel is easily carried around daily—in case there’s an impromptu dip.

Polaris Plates

Made in Serbia using European enamelware and steel, Best Made Company’s limited edition Polaris Plates ($52)  “celebrate the mystery of the night sky.” The front side’s illustration, by Ross MacDonald, depicts the night sky’s constellations and proves to be an accurate guide for when you’re eating under the stars. The plates come in sets of two and can withstand both campfire heat and dishwashers.

Wine Bottle Cooler

Not only is the VINGLACÉ wine bottle cooler ($90) double walled and vacuum insulated, it’s also much more portable than an ice bucket or multi-item cooler. Made for one single bottle, this product keeps summer wines chilled without ice. Just unscrew the top, put your chosen bottle of wine inside, screw the lid back on, and you’re set for beach outings, picnics, camping and more. This stainless steel option is also fingerprint-resistant, so the look remains clean.

Utility Tote

Equipped with six exterior pockets (four of which are big enough for a bottle of wine) and a split interior, JOSHU+VELA’s utility tote ($158) is an all-purpose bag modeled after a vintage electrician’s bag. Its bottom is double-lined to withstand daily use and the all-leather handles will wear nicely. Available in five colorways, our pick is this olive green version.

Smiley Face Basketball

Chinatown Market—as part of their official collaboration with the Smiley brand—has released a bright yellow, grinning basketball ($59). Built for the rigors of actual use, the ball has the structural integrity, dimensions, tack and wide recognition channels of a regulation ball.


Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image courtesy of Barebones