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Eight-Color Crayon


Designed and manufactured in Japan by stationery brand Hightide (founded in Fukuoka in 1994), this non-toxic wax crayon includes eight colors in one instrument. Choose from pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, …


Farm Crayons


These endearing, produce-shaped crayons make drawing and coloring even more fun, while also aiding children’s muscle development and motor skills. Made from wax and non-toxic color, this bundle of eight crayons come …

All of Us Crayons

The Rounds Skin Tone Crayons


Crafted from hand-poured, sustainably sourced beeswax and natural pigments, each of the eight crayons in The Rounds set represents a different skin tone. These thick drawing or coloring implements have rounded tips, …

Areaware + Nikolas Bentel

Doodle Crayons


Made in collaboration with artist and designer Nikolas Bentel, Areaware’s Doodle Crayons reimagine the humble implement. The set contains five crayon shapes—a yellow line, green cross, black zigzag, blue wiggle and red …

Studio Unto

Color Gem Crayons


Studio Unto’s unique set of crayons allows artists of all ages to reproduce the vivid color-scapes of our natural world. As though “you picked up a piece of mineral and started coloring,” …

Kid Made Modern

Octahedron Crayons


This set of 15 two-toned crayons are a playful take on the traditional version, thanks to their octahedron shape, which features multiple points and edges to allow for endless combinations and textures. …