Interview: Lee Broom

At his NYC pop-up shop, the British designer shares his path to success and creative expression

Built upon the pillars of crystal, marble, brass and glass, the sophisticated world of luxury design can sometimes be fatiguing, and a little “seen that, done that.” But Lee Broom is a good storyteller beyond just the creative pieces he makes—from “drunken” side tables to chapel lighting, an acid-etched marble coffee table, crystal light bulbs and a tube that looks like a fluorescent light but …

Interview: Norwegian Designer Runa Klock

A deeper look at her engaging pieces and the social aspects behind them, ahead of a WantedDesign group exhibition

Interview: Rob Alderson

The former It's Nice That EIC discusses his new role and initiatives at WeTransfer to showcase artists at a deeper level

Helmed by kid programmer turned teen blogger turned entrepreneur Nalden, WeTransfer offers quick, effortless file-transfer service—no sign-in or account required. The minimalist interface has users coming back, but it’s the start-up’s unique use of their homepage that might keep you lingering long after the files have been delivered. One-third of WeTransfer homepage page views are given away to artists, photographers, designers, musicians, illustrators and even …