Santa Teresa Rum

Santa Teresa Rum has a rich and lightly fruity flavor that gives way to an unexpectedly dry, woodsy finish. Crafted by a family-owned distillery, founded in 1796 in Venezuela’s Aragua valley, the farm-to-bottle rum is made with a blend of up to 30 old and new rum casks. The rum helps fund the distillery’s Project Alcatraz which offers psychological and vocational assistance to former gang members.

A Mattress Recycling Program Fosters At-Risk Youth

Founded by Greg Croteau, the Massachusetts-based, non-profit UTEC aims to rescue young adults facing gang violence, with criminal records or in poverty, while simultaneously recycling mattresses. To do this, UTEC recruits a youth workforce (where 83% have a criminal record, 76% were in a gang and 68% don’t have high school degrees) to break down mattresses and salvage reusable raw materials to give to hotels, …

Consider Donating to These Organizations To Fight Systemic Racism

Be a part of the ongoing fight for unconditional equality

Systemic racism is an emotional, mental and physical burden for black individuals every single day. Feeling helpless in the fight against white supremacy is common, but we must continue through protests and votes, and—if you are white—by understanding and using one’s privilege positively. Be it simply calling out offensive language, “jokes” and micro-aggressions, we can make a difference daily. Another avenue is supporting important organizations …