Consider Donating to These Organizations To Fight Systemic Racism

Be a part of the ongoing fight for unconditional equality

Systemic racism is an emotional, mental and physical burden for black individuals every single day. Feeling helpless in the fight against white supremacy is common, but we must continue through protests and votes, and—if you are white—by understanding and using one’s privilege positively. Be it simply calling out offensive language, “jokes” and micro-aggressions, we can make a difference daily.

Another avenue is supporting important organizations with time or money—and if you have the ability, we strongly encourage readers to contribute on a monthly basis, not just in times of widely reported crisis. If you find yourself able to give, consider these three groups whose teams work tirelessly to make a positive impact.

A national non-profit, The Bail Project combats mass incarceration across the country by paying bail for low-income individuals who cannot afford it. Covering those costs for 100,000+ people across the country so far, the organization works to dismantle the bail and prison systems’ unbalanced treatment of BIPOC and financially unstable people.

Founded in 2013 in response to Trayvon Martin’s murderer’s acquittal, Black Lives Matter operates a bevy of programs for black Americans and actively fights the systemic racism and violence that work against them every day. With chapters across the US, Canada and the UK, Black Lives Matter fights white supremacy but also creates space to focus on black innovation and joy.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was established in 1920 due to the abuse of civil liberties during the Palmer Raids. Now the national nonpartisan organization works tirelessly across various issues including criminal law reform, prisoners’ rights, and free speech, mostly through litigation and advocacy.

Image courtesy of Black Lives Matter