NASA’s Space Cup Holds Liquids Without Gravity

Drinking in space is typically tricky, as liquids separate into droplets without Earth’s gravitational pull. However, researchers at NASA have devised a way to drink from an open-top cup without gravity or a straw. The Space Cup, part of NASA’s Capillary Flow Experiment, combines cup geometry and fluid dynamics to allow astronauts to sip liquids as if on Earth. Designed by astronaut Don Pettit, physicist …

Coffee Products to Kick Off the New Year

Beans, subscriptions, equipment and more for a fully caffeinated 2023

Though each member of the COOL HUNTING editorial team approaches coffee differently—some are all-season supporters of Grady’s Cold Brew, a few live for precise pour-overs, a perfectly crafted cortado, and others are frequent sippers of Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew—we’ve all come to rely on the ritual and the caffeine. Coffee, as a category, continues to evolve—from product quality to equity and resource in production. …

Collectors Goblets

A trio of limited edition drinking vessels by the historic French porcelain house Bernardaud, these collectors goblets were made in partnership with Napa Valley’s Robert Mondavi Winery for a sumptuous wine-sipping experience. In platinum, gold and matte black colorways, each opaque object has a distinct geometric form.