Coffee Products to Kick Off the New Year

Beans, subscriptions, equipment and more for a fully caffeinated 2023

Though each member of the COOL HUNTING editorial team approaches coffee differently—some are all-season supporters of Grady’s Cold Brew, a few live for precise pour-overs, a perfectly crafted cortado, and others are frequent sippers of Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew—we’ve all come to rely on the ritual and the caffeine. Coffee, as a category, continues to evolve—from product quality to equity and resource in production. Here we have selected beans, subscriptions, machines and more that we loved in 2022 and look forward to using in the future.

Breville Barista Express Impress 

With a dosing system that helps measure precise amounts of coffee, a conical burr grinder with 25 settings and an innovative tamp system, Breville’s new Barista Express Impress ($900) makes pulling espresso shots easy and enjoyable. With the addition of precision digital temperature control, flow rate and contact time, as well as a manual wand to steam and texture milk, it becomes possible to make café quality cortados and cappuccinos at home.

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle Studio Edition

Updating their beloved signature kettle, Fellow’s Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition ($225) features precision temperature and pouring control for the most detailed at-home pour-overs. This model also allows access to updates that can be downloaded over WiFi to further perfect the pour-over experience. Made from stainless steel with a reflective glass base, along with a walnut handle, this future-forward kettle is a beauty.

Cxffeeblack Bean Subscription

With the goal to decolonize the coffee industry, Cxffeeblack is an education-based, community-oriented coffee company that sources beans though an all-Black supply chain. Support their work by ordering their monthly subscription box ($40), which comes with two bags of coffee, small prints and exclusive monthly music content.

NotNeutral Emerald Cortado Glasses

A favorite drink of baristas, a cortado, is made from a double shot of espresso and just enough textured milk to fill a four-ounce cup. This faceted beauty from NotNeutral ($20) is crafted from vibrant emerald green glass which enhances latte art and makes sipping a coffee festive and luxurious.

Origami Dripper

This handcrafted coffee dripper ($62) is made from high density heat resistant Mino ware pottery in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan—a historic ceramic style that originated more than 400 years ago. The design, which emulates that of folded paper, offers ideal airflow for brewing pour-over coffees. Each purchase comes complete with an acacia wood dripper holder and 100 paper filters,

Nguyen Coffee Supply Ultimate Vietnamese Coffee Kit 

With the mission to share Vietnamese coffee culture and champion the resilience of robusta coffee, Nguyen Coffee Supply roasts a variety of coffee beans and stocks the brewing supplies to brew the perfect cup. Their Ultimate Kit ($155) has everything needed to experience all that they have to offer—including bags of their Hanoi, Saigon and Dalat beans.

Lomi Home Composter 

This small countertop composter ($499) helps reduce food waste by turning food scraps and coffee grounds into plant-friendly dirt that can be used for lawn, garden and house plant growth. The Lomi works inside, without odor, creating a positive environmental impact by diverting organic waste from being added to the landfill.

The Big Mug in Black Mountain

With plenty of room for hot coffee (roughly 16oz to the brim), The Big Mug ($50) hails from Asheville, North Carolina ceramic house East Fork, where it’s been made by hand from regional materials. It comes in an array of colorways, with our favorite being the Black Mountain (as well as the Panna Cotta, which is presently out of stock). The sturdy mug is Aeropress, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Sowden Travel Cup

Crafted for both function and expression, the Sowden Travel Cup ($45) from HAY pairs an insulated stainless steel body with a screw-on lid. As such, the playful product purports to keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Of course, part of its allure comes from the bright, contrasting colors often employed by designer George Sowden. This item is hand-wash only.

Hero image courtesy of Cxffeeblack, all other images courtesy of respective brands