Pantone’s Super-Fast Color Match App

With a pocket-sized card and an app, Pantone has made identifying colors incredibly easy and fast. Users simply download the Pantone Connect app (available on iOS and android), place the laminated card over the hue they want to match (with the card’s window exposing the selected color), and align their phone to the correct angle for the app to snap a picture and find the …

Milan Design Week 2017: Studiopepe’s “The Visit”

An exhibition addressing the intimacy of interior design

How do we offer access and exclusivity through design at the same time? How do we maintain intimacy in the age of social media? These are questions that seem to have yielded one of our favorite projects at Milan Design Week this year; “The Visit” by Studiopepe. Set inside the Brera Design Apartment, a private space of multiple identities in the heart of Brera (one …

Monument Bookend

Bookends are oftentimes perceived of as unnecessary or kitsch design objects, but this stunning and minimal version from Brooklyn-based Chen Chen + Kai Williams will make a statement. Made from White Carrara marble, the bookend is shaped to accentuate the material, and it’s even padded with black neoprene to protect your treasured tomes.