Mini Poop Emoji Sculpture

Immortalizing the cultural phenomenon for generations to come, Matthew LaPenta is casting it in bronze

Along with the upside-down smiley face, side eye and praying hands, the poop emoji must be toward the top of the most-used and most-loved list. Recognizing the phenomenon that is this new language—and the significance of the cheerfully smiling feces—LA-based artist Matthew LaPenta wants to immortalize it in bronze. Showing a version of the sculpture at Scope Art Fair Miami Beach late last year, the piece was so successful and well-received that the artist has decided to attempt making a version that is affordable and accessible.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, his three-inch sculptures will be cast in bronze, but come in six different versions: nickel (silver), copper and brass (gold) in either brushed or polished finishes. LaPenta has also announced there will be three Stretch Editions (currently under wraps) which will offer three extra colorways that will be announced once the project nears its goal.

A pledge of $135 on Kickstarter will secure a three-inch sculpture in any finish you choose, while a whopping 12-inch version is available for a $4,500 donation.

Images courtesy of Matthew LaPenta