Fruitree is a concept piece designed by Chia Shee Loh, Antonietta Fortunato and Elena Godenzi. They were motivated to solve the out of sight, out of mind problem with fruit that goes uneaten and spoils. The fact that fruit grows on trees does not go unnoticed in this design, where the results are both decorative and literal. Circulating air is pushed throughout the Fruitree, keeping …

Imagine the Home in 2020 Design Competition

We're catching up on our Designboom mail. They recently announced the winners of their Imagine the Home in 2020 design competition they sponsored with Electrolux. 12 winners were selected from more than 3,000 entries, which included a portable/collapsible refrigerator, vacuum slippers and a water-free, waterfall-shaped washing machine. Dozens of entries from designers around the world are posted and are certain to entertain and inspire you.