Kai Creates the World’s First Disposable Paper Razor

Japanese knife manufacturer Kai has created the world’s first disposable paper razor that reduces the use of plastic by 98% in comparison to conventional, commonly used versions. This innovative, eco-friendly product—which won Kai Group the 2021 GOOD DESIGN award—comprises a paper body with a metal blade that can be used wet, even if the water is hot. Inspired by milk cartons, the design proves practical but a little playful. “Rather than simply replacing plastic with paper, we designed it with a handle that is as easy to hold and sharp as a plastic razor,” reads a company statement. Weighing only four grams, the portable paper razor comes in ocean blue, botanical red, jade green, yellow or sand beige, with a set of five costing about 10 US dollars. Learn more about the creative product at designboom.

Image courtesy of Kai