Heckler Design Cliff

Heckler Design’s Cliff display riser and desk drawer offers a sleek alternative to a stack of books. Machined of sturdy powder-coated steel, the unobtrusive desk accessory raises your monitor to eye level, hides wires, adds storage space all while matching Apple’s distinct aesthetic.

Mikro World Sculpture

Mikro World is a series of fold-up metal sculptures created by British artist Sam Buxton that will add a touch of instant art to your desk or home. Each piece folds from a single sheet of stainless steel that is just 0.01 inches thick.

Quack Tape Dispenser

Designed by Joe Buttigieg for Suck UK, the Quack Tape Dispenser is made from wood and sculpted in the shape of a cartoonish waterfowl. It includes one roll of tape.