Minimalist rear storage for Apple displays


One of the brilliant advantages about all-in-one desktop computing is the lack of cordage—unfortunately, those of us who prefer to work off of a notebook and attached display are left with a mess of wires. Previously, we posted about Henge Docks and have been working off of it happily for some time, although the precision of Henge can make that system a bit overkill. The AluRack is a spartan solution that attaches to the display’s stand, providing storage for any size laptop or external hard drive.

Danish designer Jakob Wagner created AluRack out of two pieces, making this one of the simplest options around. The aluminum craftsmanship matches Apple’s aesthetic, and hardly makes an impact on the overall look of the desktop. The shelf is secured sturdily to the circular cutout of Apple’s titanium stand and is compatible with both iMacs and Cinema Displays. Find the AluRack for $60 at Just Mobile.