The Pastel-Hued Digital World of Rose Pilkington

An exclusive preview of the sparkly London artist's new piece for MTV, premiering this Saturday

“Pinks, purples, turquoises, oranges—sunset colors.” Thrse are artist Rose Pilkington‘s favorites; something that’s immediately evident when you see her cool, pastel-hued graphic designs. Pilkington has had her hands full since graduating from London’s legendary Central St Martins college in July of this year. Recently, she won one of four Lowe Nova Awards for her degree work, and was also the woman behind the hypnotic video …

Absolut Andy Warhol Art Exchange: CH Picks

From the sublime to the ridiculous, our favorites from the vodka brand's latest creative endeavor


As part of Absolut‘s celebration of their limited edition Andy Warhol bottle, the brand’s global art exchange encourages creativity from all corners of the world. In a clever move—reminiscent of Warhol’s work—the initiative blends pop culture and mass recognition with humor and self-referential artworks. So far the exchange has been a great success, with the likes of Ryder Ripps and Taylor Mckimens joining the countless …

Wacom’s Precise New Bamboo Stylus Fineline

The latest in thin tip technology for tablet-drawing is affordable and comfortable to use

After testing Wacom‘s latest release, the Bamboo Stylus fineline, with our in-house artist Zach Robinson, we found it to be by and large one of the best thought-out and most affordable pressure-sensitive bluetooth styluses on the market. The device incorporates brand new “thin tip” technology which aids in accuracy and precision when drawing on an iPad. To date, it’s the closest digital experience (we’ve found) …