Wacom’s Precise New Bamboo Stylus Fineline

The latest in thin tip technology for tablet-drawing is affordable and comfortable to use


After testing Wacom‘s latest release, the Bamboo Stylus fineline, with our in-house artist Zach Robinson, we found it to be by and large one of the best thought-out and most affordable pressure-sensitive bluetooth styluses on the market. The device incorporates brand new “thin tip” technology which aids in accuracy and precision when drawing on an iPad. To date, it’s the closest digital experience (we’ve found) to the sensation of using a ballpoint pen on paper—thanks to low resistance against the iPad glass.


The Bamboo Stylus fineline does have a small hiccup: the pen sometimes needs additional time to be recognized as an input source when brought to the iPad surface. Though it’s very minor and easy to adapt to by simply starting lines a little bit earlier. Presumably a result of the small tip, it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for a stylus that supports over 1,000 levels of sensitivity.


As for hand feel, the device is well-balanced and has a nice weight. The barrel is a bit narrower than their higher-end Intuos Creative Stylus—an attribute we actually prefer. The stylish stylus also comes in a range of colors and finishes. Wacom also has its own Bamboo Paper app to pair with the device, which allows for work akin to sketches and even note-taking, though it’s compatible with many drawing apps on the market.

The Wacom Bamboo Stylus fineline is available online for $60.

Product image courtesy of Wacom, digital illustrations courtesy of Zach Robinson