Absolut Andy Warhol Art Exchange: CH Picks

From the sublime to the ridiculous, our favorites from the vodka brand's latest creative endeavor


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As part of Absolut‘s celebration of their limited edition Andy Warhol bottle, the brand’s global art exchange encourages creativity from all corners of the world. In a clever move—reminiscent of Warhol’s work—the initiative blends pop culture and mass recognition with humor and self-referential artworks.


So far the exchange has been a great success, with the likes of Ryder Ripps and Taylor Mckimens joining the countless other entrants who are creating art—and receiving it. Everybody who enters the exchange will essentially be gifted a piece from another entrant, and that could mean being gifted a piece created by a respected artist. We have collected a bunch of our favorite entries so far—including “Lolligem N.1” by Bulgaria’s YO VO, “Krita ETA” by an anonymous Swedish entrant. From the colorful to monotone, the sublime to the ridiculous, check some of the best out in our gallery.


To enter, simply visit the Absolut Art Exchange site, where the brand has made taking part extra easy by creating a free art-making platform that combines drawing and photography and become masters of digital art.

Images courtesy of Absolut Art Exchange