Tulips Turn the Netherlands’ Countryside into Art

Millions of tulips have turned the outskirts of Lisse, the Netherlands into a modern masterpiece. Between mid-March and mid-May, nearly 800 varieties of the flower bloom, turning the usually monochromatic Dutch countryside into something of a natural wonder, as thick strokes of bright, almost artificial-looking color create a beautifully striped landscape. The flowers are part of the country’s massive flower farms, which, in 2014, produced …

Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet

The innovative Dutch designer mathematically stacks 1,000 pieces of wood to create a puzzle-like storage structure that optimizes sound

Sponsored by The Macallan

At first glance, Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet resembles a 110cm-high Jenga Tower. Disguised as a visually intriguing, textural and seemingly random pile of wooden blocks, the tower actually serves as a multifunctional object for optimal acoustics and hidden storage. There’s nothing random about the Diffuser Cabinet’s complex and highly calculated construction. Vander Kooij embarked on the journey to create the tiny run …

Crown Jewels

Rising Dutch designer Lex Pott explores real value versus nominal value with these Crown Jewel rings. Each is constructed from a coin reduced to its outside diameter, forever altering its original form and worth.