Nockstone Modular Building Blocks

A clever and colorful modular system that can turn anybody into an architect


Nockstone is a concept stemming from a collaboration between two Dutch designers, Melle Koot and Volken de Vlas. It’s a modular building block that can be interlocked together with other Nockstones without the need for auxiliary joiners like glue or nails, making it very accessible for anybody who has the desire to create—not just a designer or architect.


The building blocks are made from a bio-based compound that has similar properties to plastic, and each piece is recyclable in its entirety. As such, it can be created in a multitude of colors and gradients of translucence that makes it particularly engaging when lighting a room—which is how Mella Koot Design Studio chose to exhibit its capabilities at Designersblock in Milan earlier this year.

Four years in the making, with hundreds of prototypes and tests being run before the launch, Nockstone is—in fact—a relatively simple one-piece system. The founders have been working with a production partner, Pezy to finance small-batch tooling and moulds but now the hope is that a Kickstarter campaign will be able make for an even lower retail price for Nockstone.


It’s important for Koot that Nockstone wears its green credentials on its sleeve, “Nockstone is—in a conceptual way—a homage to the Cradle to Cradle ideals. The Nockstone concept is born from a search for a ‘connectional solution’ based on C2C principles and therefore we’re very proud that it carries the C2C gold certificate,” he says. Furthermore Nockstone is made entirely from Ecozen, a BIO-Copolyester, one of a growing number of fantastic bio-plastic variants which derive from bio-mass (non-fossil-based) materials. The result being a plastic that bears all the positive attributes of a plastic without the CO2 emissions that have given it a bad name.

Right now, the people behind the modular slab are looking to put more people behind Nockstone and are reaching out to designers to help push the boundaries for its applications. So if you’re feeling inspired by Nockstone’s environmentally sound design then drop them a line and get building. And be sure to give the Kickstarter a boost if you want to get this great little concept in your home or office.

Images courtesy of Nockstone