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Young Chemist Three-Pack


Recommended for kids ages five and up, this accessible and fun kit comprises three different science projects. Crystal Chemistry Garden grows trees and bushes out of felt shapes, solutions and liquid watercolor. …

Cotte Darmes

Colors de la Runway


Including primary colors, stripes and polka dots, Clarence Ruth’s book Colors de la Runway aims to teach children through fashion. Using stylized illustrations of outfits, with their corresponding color written in both …

Tech Will Save Us

Gamer Kit


This Gamer Kit from Tech Will Save Us lets kids become their own game inventor. Starting by building their own console, they can then code their own game—choosing from 15+ retro games …

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Via space.com

Best Space Books for Kids

It’s important (especially for little girls and young women) to encourage our youth to engage with science, though this isn’t always easy. The editors at Space.com are constantly on the hunt for …

Osmo Explorer Kit


The award-winning game system Osmo changes the way kids interact and learn while using an iPad. Making it less about swiping and more about hand-on play, the Explorer Kit includes different programs—some …

Animals Are Delicious


By Dave Ladd and Stephanie Anderson, “Animals Are Delicious” isn’t as brutal as one might think. In fact, the kids’ book explains three of the longest food chains within the animal kingdom—in …

Mix + Match Animal Toys


These three-piece set of animal toys encourage children to learn, but also explore their own imaginations and storytelling skills. A giraffe, lion and elephant can become an elliaffe or giraliphant or whatever …