Just One Eye’s Ulysses Tier 1 Disaster Relief Kit

The ultimate disaster kit created by an LA concept shop with the help of veteran US Navy SEALs

Hidden within a building in Hollywood, Paola Russo’s destination boutique Just One Eye is full of contemporary fashion, art and objects. Valentino feather stilettos can be found next to Murakami sculptures and cases full of jewelry. But when Russo wants to really surprise her customers, she thinks big—as is the case with the Ulysses Tier 1, the ultimate survival kit. The forward-thinking retailer teamed up …

FRX3 Hand Turbine

This handy little device is great for outdoor adventurists or friends living in hurricane-prone areas. Simply crank the handle to power its light, radio and, most critically, your mobile phone.


The cell phone that holds its charge for 15 years on just a single AA battery

Relying on just one AA battery, the newly launched SpareOne mobile phone holds its power for an astonishing 15 years, with 10 hours of consecutive talk time on a single charge. Developed by industry giant XPAL Power—which also makes the combined battery pack and phone case PowerSkin—SpareOne’s basic interface may not have the bells and whistles of an iPhone, but it works well for kids …