Just One Eye’s Ulysses Tier 1 Disaster Relief Kit

The ultimate disaster kit created by an LA concept shop with the help of veteran US Navy SEALs


Hidden within a building in Hollywood, Paola Russo’s destination boutique Just One Eye is full of contemporary fashion, art and objects. Valentino feather stilettos can be found next to Murakami sculptures and cases full of jewelry. But when Russo wants to really surprise her customers, she thinks big—as is the case with the Ulysses Tier 1, the ultimate survival kit. The forward-thinking retailer teamed up with Come Chantrel of 4Cs Consulting and Andy Arrabito, a veteran Navy SEAL, to pick more than 50 items most needed in emergency conditions.


Arrabito helped with his extensive knowledge of what would be needed for any type of disaster, day or night—from hurricanes, to power outages to terrorist attacks or floods. The resulting packs—made by London Bridge Trading—are based on designs used by the SEALs. “There are multiple pieces of equipment you can use,” explains Arrabito. “We narrowed it down to what’s the best, what is utilized the most, and easy usage.” Arrabito and Chantrel chose the Spot Global Satellite Phone for the most user-friendly option. “Communication is big. When the grid goes down, everyone can feel lost,” shares Chantrel. “We want you to be able to reach your family.”

Inside the kit are solar panels to charge electronics and lighting that can be cranked for illumination. “People freak out when they are in the dark,” says Chantrel. “So we took care of having the maximum amount of light.” Several items are the same GPS resources maritimers would use, deeming them valid for use at home, on planes and on the water.


The kits also contains night-vision goggles and an Ops-Core helmet, Kimber pepper spray and holster, a Surefire G2 and V1 flashlight, Mechanix gloves, an Adventure Tactical strobe light, an emergency beacon, an ETON solar crank radio, two Snugpak sleeping bags, carabiners and rope, a fire-starter box, Bushnell binoculars, extra batteries, nutrition bars, meal heaters, drinking water packets and a water purifier. The tools include a small shovel, a bolt-cutter, a CKKT hook knife and a Leatherman multi-tool. All of the items are housed inside a rolling water-proof case, stored inside the London Bridge Trading bag. The final touch is Just One Eye’s soft cashmere blanket for warmth and comfort.

“At the end of the day it goes with the concept of Just One Eye,” says Russo. “You come here and it is a surprise. It can go from looking at beautiful art to finding the latest designer. We want to create something unexpected.”

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the kits will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to help military families, and The SEAL Future Fund and education fund to supplement the GI Bill. The Ulysses Tier 1 Disaster Relief Kit is available from Just One Eye for $12,500 with an optional pet essentials addition for $500. To purchase the kit, visit the site, where you can find supplemental survival tips like “how to make a below ground water capture still” and “how to build a debris hut shelter.”

Images courtesy of Just One Eye