Dorothy Iannone: You Who Read Me With Passion Must Forever Be My Friends

In her search for “ecstatic unity,” celebrated artist Dorothy Iannone creates beautifully subversive works that boldly explore sexual liberation and feminist ideologies. Her progressive image+text style is at once surprising, thoughtful, inspiring, profane, humorous and taboo-shattering. This brilliant compendium binds together a half-decade of familiar and rarely scene works for an in-depth look at Iannone’s signature style.

The Big Butt Book

An ode to the gluteus maximus in a new coffee table book

I like big butts and I cannot lie. As a female constantly preoccupied with how mine looks in pants combined with my experience living in Brazil—the very land that invented the thong bikini and where baile funk girls become overnight celebs based just on the girth of their behinds—I find Taschen’s fatty tome “The Big Butt Book” fascinating and a must-buy for discerning and refined …

Tickl Magazine

For Polaroid lovers, could a magazine hit on anything more naughty and exciting than Tickl, the world’s first erotic Polaroid magazine? Back in the 1970s, before the days of digital photography, the ground-breaking Polaroid camera blazed a trail in bedrooms everywhere by making the instant picture a fixture in private erotic photography. Now the original prurience Polaroid represented makes a comeback with Tickl, which delivers …