The Big Butt Book

An ode to the gluteus maximus in a new coffee table book

BigButt-1.jpg BigButt-2.jpg

I like big butts and I cannot lie. As a female constantly preoccupied with how mine looks in pants combined with my experience living in Brazil—the very land that invented the thong bikini and where baile funk girls become overnight celebs based just on the girth of their behinds—I find Taschen’s fatty tome “The Big Butt Book” fascinating and a must-buy for discerning and refined fans of the gluteus maximus.


Dian Hanson, who also helmed the other titles in Taschen’s blush-worthy but mesmerizing series on body parts (The Big Penis Book and The Big Book of Legs), edited the 400-photo hardcover book spanning 372 pages. It follows the butt’s course through history and how it became not only such a thing to behold across different cultures but what it symbolizes from one to the next.


While the more ample of them get worship status, the book doesn’t discriminate against other-sized buns, thus giving the subject a balanced view. Interviews with porn star John (Buttman) Stagliano, famed artist and illustrator R. Crumb and Eve Howard, an author whose erotica stories are centered around spanking, accompany the photos of tushes. Famous behinds featured include Bettie Page, Buffie the Body and Brazil’s Mulher Melancia, aka “Watermelon Woman.”


The book sells from Amazon. A book signing party with Hanson and the book’s cover star, Alexis Texas, will take place Wednesday 30 June 2010 from 7 to 9 pm at Taschen’s Beverly Hills store.