Lascivious Playing Cards


Lascivious started with super vampy lingerie, but Chloe and Ozy, the brother-and-sister creative duo behind Lascivious, always expressed their interest toward sex illustration. Their online look-books have always been prurient eye candy made with photos, cocktail recipes, cut-out dolls, erotic tickets and the like.

In their world populated by modern vixens, bombshells and dominatrixes, when the urge to give more room to art became pressing, Chloe and Ozy created this superb playing card deck in collaboration with 37 artists and designers, hand-picked from the best known as well as the cream of the up-and coming.

The result is a sexy deck made solely of erotic illustrations, ranging from chaste to subtle to very explicit, all different, suitable for every sexual orientation and signed by Jeremyville, Tokidoki, Jon Burgerman, Tado and many others (you can browse the entire deck on their website). And, in keeping with Lascivious' exquisite attention to every detail (they even provide a custom-made tassel service), the deck comes in a beautiful metal tin lacquered with black enamel and their trademark grey flowers.
The deck costs £10 from Lascivious

by Tacita Vero