Silk Velvet Pomegranate Throw Pillow Cover

Spirited in design and ethos, Roopa Pemmaraju is a sustainable, artisan-made lifestyle brand that upholds traditional techniques while taking cues from their roots in Australia, India and the US. They recently debuted their first-ever home collection which includes this vibrant throw pillow cover. Designed in Brooklyn and made in Bengaluru, this piece allures with naturally dyed hues of red and pink, a luscious fruity motif …

CMPLT UNKNWN’s “Animal Kingdom” Collection

Blending luxury with sustainability, this range is inspired by the world's vanishing creatures

NYC-based accessories brand CMPLT UNKNWN has always been at the crossroad of luxury and sustainability. Their new collection, which premieres on the brand’s new site and its focus on direct-to-consumer sales, is inspired by the world’s vanishing and in-danger creatures. The range, called “Animal Kingdom” is made up of cross-body bags and clutches crafted from vegan leather and velvet, made ethically. Not only do they …

Mulberry Silk Lounge Pants

If you can’t bear to dive in the sheets fully nude, these gossamery lounge pants are your best bet for sleeping as close to naked as possible. Made from incredibly soft 100% mulberry silk—in a unique, laborious process during which silkworms are not harmed—this wide-leg piece is un-dyed to complete its close-to-nature appeal. Part of the profits go to two worthy charities.